Warehouse Pictures and Stories

We are seeking submission of stories and pictures to tell the perspective of Amazon workers from around the world. If you know anyone who has a story to tell please email us at amazonwageslave@gmail.com



Injury Reports



4 thoughts on “Warehouse Pictures and Stories

  1. I was a paralegal at a law firm where the regional integrity staffing solutions safety manager at the Virginia location was working on a huge whistleblower case. I believe his name is Eric Williams, last time I heard, he bought a trade school in Indianapolis called Brandview College. I remember hearing a audio tape of the vp of customer relations and someone else talking about how integrity illegally surpress comp claims. Give him a call see if he’s willing to go on record.


  2. This claim is utterly and completely false!!!! Don’t believe any of this garbage. There was absolutely no whistle blowing issues at the VA plants EVER!!!!. Amazon is a great place to work!!!


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