Resource Links


Vice News – Permanently Temporary: The Truth About Temp Labor

Amazon Rising

Boycott – Democracy Now! interview

Amazon Processing

Ex-Amazon workers talk of ‘horrendous’ conditions – Channel 4

Amazon vs Hachette – Stephen Colbert


Moving In With Manufacturers, Amazon Delivers A New Approach – NPR

Brown Box –Mac McClelland on Radiolab


Amazon employee attacked for being gay – Chesterfield, Va


A day in the life of a warehouse wage slave – The Week 

I was a warehouse wage slave – Mac McClelland

Inside Amazon’s Warehouse – Spencer Soper

Trucks Disturb Chesterfield Neighborhood – Richmond Times Dispatch

Online shopping brings Christmas-time traffic jam at Amazon – Richmond Times Dispatch

Amazon Workers in Germany Strike Again – NY Times

First Union Vote At An Amazon Warehouse In The U.S. Fails – NPR

Worker Killed at One of Amazon’s New Jersey Warehouses

Workers complain about Amazon warehouse jobs – The Seattle Times

Amazon warehouse jobs push workers to physical limit – The Seattle Times

A very scathing letter of a former Amazon tech employee Steve Yegge

 Reddit – Ask Me Anything – Amazon employee


Amazon Workers Take Security-Line Woes to Supreme Court – Spencer Soper Article 

Jesse Busk v. Integrity Staffing Solutions

HR Defense Blog

Business Model (Lean Management)

Three Things to Remember about Amazon’s Business Model on Cyber Monday

Kaizen – Promotion Officer for

Lean Sensei


Inside Amazon’s Idea Machine: How Besos Decodes Customers – Forbes

 Integrity Staffing Solutions

HR Ninja Blog – Todd Bavol

Integrity Staffing Blog – Job Search Ninja

Staffing Industry Conference – “We Are the Global Advisors on Contingent Work”

 Robots and Technology

Meet Amazon’s army of little orange robots – VICE

Even if the Feds Let Them Fly, Amazon’s Delivery Drones Are Still Nonsense – Wired

First Victim of Amazon Drones: The Credibility of CBS and 60 Minutes

Amazon to build state’s largest solar farm – Virginia

Amazon Fresh 

The Packaging Problem with Amazon’s Grocery Delivery Service, Amazon Fresh





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